Help spread the word

- - posted in November 2013

So we’ve got our organizers, and we already have a few coaches, so now’s the time to start spreading the word around South Florida that there will be a workshop in early November. Our working date for the event is Wednesday, November 6th.

What is the workshop about?

The workshop is an opportunity for women to build an application using Ruby on Rails. We’re totally biased, but Ruby is a great language and using Ruby on Rails, you’ll have a working application up and running during the course of a single day. Now that’s exciting!

Who can attend?

The Rails Girls workshop will be open to all women who are interested in learning how to program.

You don’t have to have any experience. All you need is a laptop that is capable of running the latest version of Ruby on Rails.

We will provide the space and the coaches, and if we get enough sponsorship, we’ll also provide food and refreshments so you can stay focused on learning.

Space will be limited, so we will be asking everyone to fill out an application for the workshop.

Who is likely to be interested?

If “just about anyone” isn’t quite the answer you were looking for, here’s a short list of likely women:

  • women who want to start a web business
  • women who work in related fields, like web design
  • college/university students looking to broaden their horizons
  • women who are interested in a career change

That means you can spread the word everywhere.

How do I find out more?

We’ll be posting more information on all our social networking channels, but we have a special love for Twitter because it allows us to make lists. So the best thing to do is mention us (@railsgirls_sfl) on Twitter and say you’d like to participate. Then when the time comes around, we’ll be sure to send you an invitation to apply on our site.

But of course you can always send us email at We love email, too!